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Kentwood Tree Service

About Us

Kentwood Tree Service has some of the finest tree experts in West Michigan, able to handle any tree projects out there. Our ISA-Certified arborists have the tools, knowledge, and experience to diagnose and treat any number of conditions ranging from disease to lightening strikes and offer 24/7 emergency services.

The owner’s father began his tree service company in 1962, so he grew up learning about climbing trees, trimming them, and treating them with respect.  West Michigan is lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful forests in the nation and we love getting to take care of our trees.

We have been taking care of Kentwood and the greater West Michigan community for many years and plan to continue for many more.  We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and the safety of your home or business is our top priority.

Dealing with all manner of tree maintenances is second nature to our experienced staff.  Sun or snow, winter or summer, we’re here to help with anything from a routine tree pruning to collapsed tree at 3am.  Our full suite of services runs from trimming to removal, stump grinding to tree fertilization.  We’re here for the entire life of your tree and to assist any way we can.

If you are looking for tree services, you have come to the right place. We are your ONE STOP SHOP for expert tree pruning, large tree removal, and tree health care by ISA-Certified Arborists and support staff.
We have been taking care of Kentwood and the greater West Michigan area for over 25 years and we plan to continue for many more. With many long-term clients and word of mouth referrals, we work hard to give you the best tree service at the most affordable prices.
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